Is this program right for you?

  • You're a high achiever in a corporate role, dreaming of launching your venture, but you’re unsure where to start.
  • You feel constrained, underutilized, or unfulfilled in your current job and yearn for the freedom to create something of your own.
  • You desire to build a business that brings financial success and aligns with your values and lifestyle aspirations.
  • You seek a community of like-minded individuals and coaches who can guide, support, and push you towards your entrepreneurial ambitions.

What to Expect

Instructional Videos
Daily releases to guide you through weekly topics.
Live Weekly Group Sessions
Access actionable tools to apply your learnings.
Interactive Worksheets
Engage with coaches and peers, in a workshop designed to foster discussion and collaboration.

Key Program Highlights

Exclusive, Tailored Content

Immerse yourself in a curriculum designed to enlighten, guide, and stimulate. From in-depth instructional videos to comprehensive slide decks and interactive worksheets, each week brings new materials; all tailored to enhance your entrepreneurial skills.

A Community of Like-Minded Individuals
Connect with fellow aspiring entrepreneurs, each on a unique journey but united in ambition and drive. This collaborative space fosters networking, mutual support, and a sense of camaraderie - vital elements on your entrepreneurial path.

Tangible, Real-World Outcomes

Beyond theoretical learning, our program emphasizes practical application, leading to genuine transformation. Apply your newfound knowledge to develop your business idea, refine your approach, and gain the confidence to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

Detailed Program Breakdown

Week 1


Utilize the tools to get a deeper insight into yourself to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey, like your behavioural styles, preferences, personality traits and strengths and weaknesses.

Week 2

Risk Tolerance & Entrepreneurial Decisions

Assess your risk tolerance based on your needs, consider how to make decisions while feeling uncertain and explore your core values.

Week 3

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Evaluate your entrepreneurial mindset profile and understand how to manage emotions as an entrepreneur and how to build a growth mindset.

Week 4

Psychology of the Customer

Know your customer and understand their motivations, attitudes and behaviours plus how to sell your product or service.

Week 5

Value Proposition

Define your customer pain points and the problem you want to solve. Determine the competitive advantage of your product in the market and your unique selling proposition.

Week 6

Product Development Strategy

Determine and Clarify the product or service you want to sell, including the features and functionality of the product and create a product roadmap.

Week 7

Go To Market Strategy

Position your product to be market-ready (to be able to sell), by considering the pricing strategy, distribution channels and how to launch in the market.

Week 8

Customer Acquisition

Determine how to acquire paying customers, direct outreach processes like creating a lead list, networking and relationship building plus how to best promote the product or service.

Week 9

Company Incorporation (Legal)

Consider formalizing your business or company, taxes, bank accounts and compliance that are all important for the business to operate.

Week 10

Funding the Business

Learn the various ways you may consider to fund the business like revenue from selling your products and services, loans that you have to pay back, or taking on additional owners in the business who contribute money in exchange for an ownership stake.

Week 11

Accounting & Taxes

Keep track of the numbers in your business to know if your business is successful or not. Understand the importance of budgeting, bookkeeping and managing your taxes effectively.

Week 12

Hiring a Team

Determine the ideal functional areas of your business and the roles you will have to fill as you grow and how to fill the roles needed to be filled. Learn how to acquire good team members for your business and how to lead a team.

Week 13

Program wrap-up

Share the lessons that you’ve learned and explore how we can support you in the next phase of your career.

Weekly Breakdown

Monday - Wednesday

New content available daily throughout the program

Thursday or Friday

Live weekly calls that encourage you to explore the concepts learned throughout the program and ask any questions you may have.

Saturday - Sunday

Take some time to reflect and refine everything you have learned. You can also use this opportunity to explore concepts you may have missed during the week.

Your Journey With Us

We want to make sure each client is a great fit for our program and our community. Follow the journey below to see if we are the right fit for your needs.
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What clients say

Janaika Edwards

My three takeaways: 1. Greater awareness of my entrepreneurship mindset and personality, and resources and tips to help improve my weaker areas. 2. Deeper insights into the creation, launch and maintenance of a business with local and international markets. 3. Learning valuable lessons from successful female business owners and fellow start-up entrepreneurs.

Jeremiah Cadogan

I really enjoyed this program because each meeting gave me the motivation and confidence to go forward in making my dreams a reality, it showed me ways on how to get funded, ways on how to gain and or keep already established customers. The program showed me the importance of planning your business properly as well.

Jeevan Robinson 

I received clearer insight into my entrepreneurial mindset. Better understanding of the process involved in taking an idea from paper into a functioning business. Great clarity on business finances and how to seek investors to grow the business.