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About Soul Career

Soul Career® is a talent development company that helps organizations attract, develop, motivate and retain high-performing talent.

the soul career® system

Our 4P framework that redefines the relationship between work and life, allowing talent to thrive.


Use psychometrics to understand what makes employees motivated at work.


Position employees to ace performance reviews, increase visibility, and get promoted.


Help employees to
stay motivated and curious, while avoiding burnout.


Help employees become more strategic, and develop their ability to lead others.

What Clients Say

My three takeaways: 1. Greater awareness of my entrepreneurship mindset and personality, and resources and tips to help improve my weaker areas. 2. Deeper insights into the creation, launch and maintenance of a business with local and international markets. 3. Learning valuable lessons from successful female business owners and fellow start-up entrepreneurs.
Janaika Edwards
I really enjoyed this program because each meeting gave me the motivation and confidence to go forward in making my dreams a reality, it showed me ways on how to get funded, ways on how to gain and or keep already established customers. The program showed me the importance of planning your business properly as well.
Jeremiah Cadogan
I received clearer insight into my entrepreneurial mindset. Better understanding of the process involved in taking an idea from paper into a functioning business. Great clarity on business finances and how to seek investors to grow the business.
Jeevan Robinson 
I had a great time speaking to Lisandra. She is as nice in her 1:1 calls as she is in her webinars. She will take the time to get to know you and will use the information you provide to get a good overall picture of you. And if you struggle with talking about what you want or who you are she will asked good focused questions that will make it easier. Even if you don't go for one of Soul Career®'s programs I would recommend at least the 1:1 call for a friendly conversation and some things to think about.
Soul Career® helped me to realize that jobs that matched my personality and interests actually existed. That gave me the courage to leave my previous role and take a sabbatical – something I never thought of doing and that I’m so glad I did. I’m looking forward to using their tools when I’m ready to start the search again.
Anabela DeSousa
I want to thank Lisandra at Soul Career® for reminding me to look back at my Career Leader results to craft my personal statement and resume\cover letter. I totally forgot about that!! It is giving me a big aha moment!
Mutsumi Saito