About Soul Career®

Soul Career ® is a people development company, helping to
develop, motivate and retain high performing talent
through our training and coaching programs.

Meet the team

Lisandra Rickards

Co-Founder and CEO

Lisandra Rickards is Founder & CEO of Soul Career, Former CEO of the Richard Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, and a Harvard MBA. She is a strategist and entrepreneur and enjoys using her talents at Soul Career, a talent development company that uses psychometrics to create professional development programs for individuals and businesses.

Previously, as CEO of the Richard Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, she coached over 220 entrepreneurs, created online programs for over 2,500 entrepreneurs, built a team of 14, and made the Centre a player in the venture capital space in the Caribbean.

Lisandra has also done economic research for the book Superfreakonomics, worked as a management consultant in the Private Equity Group at Bain & Co in New York City, consulted for the Ministry of Finance in Jamaica, and worked in corporate strategy for a Caribbean conglomerate. She has an MBA with honors from Harvard Business School, and a B.A. in Economics with honors from the University of Chicago.

Warren Rickards

Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

Warren is the top-selling Account Manager at Cloudflare, a Silicon Valley unicorn, selling 7x more new business than the next best Account Manager, in 2021. Warren joined Cloudflare before its IPO and navigating a company’s transition from private to public exposed him to the operational and administrative challenges that emerge during periods of high-growth and opportunity.

Warren is also the Chief Commercial Officer at Flowtrack, a startup digital asset fund focused on the most impactful basket of emerging protocols, in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum. He has a strong perspective on Sales, Growth, and Marketing.

Prior to Cloudflare, Warren worked at Facebook, where he managed the marketing operations of one of Facebook’s highest paying customers. He also learned the successful and unsuccessful digital marketing strategies of two of the most recognized brands in the world.

Beatriz de la Poza

COO, Lead Executive Coach

Beatriz is our COO and Lead Executive Coach at Soul Career. Before becoming a professional coach, Beatriz worked twelve years in two Fortune 500 multinationals, Amazon (Amazon Web Services) and Avery Dennison. She gained global corporate work experience in roles such as financial planning and analysis, project management, change management, product management, sales enablement and strategic business development.

Beatriz has worked in Spain, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and the Caribbean. She speaks four languages and coaches in English and Spanish. So far, she has coached clients of 20 different nationalities on four continents.

Justine Isaacs

Business Manager

Operations & Research, PSOJ AFFP
TV & Radio Host, TVJ’s GenZed
BSc. Business Marketing & Management, UWI

Our core values

Imagine what life would be like if you realigned your career to reflect who you really are.


We embrace who we are meant to be in this world


We speak up with honesty and compassion


We perform best when we feel recognized and supported


We prioritise balance and give ourselves time for renewal


We see life as a journey of continuous growth


We take the initiative to deliver results that make us proud

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