Free Consultation For Corporate Programs

During our initial consultation, we will discuss:

  • Your current talent development strategy and the challenges your team is facing.
  • An introduction to our company and the Soul Career System™.
  • Our solutions to help you accelerate growth and development of your team.
  • Best practices to measure the return on your investment in talent development.
  • Discuss if our program is a fit for you and if you are a match for the program

the soul career® system

Our 4P framework that redefines the relationship between work and life, allowing talent to thrive.


Use psychometrics to understand what makes employees motivated at work.


Position employees to ace performance reviews, increase visibility, and get promoted.


Help employees to
stay motivated and curious, while avoiding burnout.


Help employees become more strategic, and develop their ability to lead others.

Our core values

Imagine what life would be like if you realigned your career to reflect who you really are.


We embrace who we are meant to be in this world


We speak up with honesty and compassion


We perform best when we feel recognized and supported


We prioritise balance and give ourselves time for renewal


We see life as a journey of continuous growth


We take the initiative to deliver results that make us proud