Soul Career for Transitioners
Course + Coaching Program

A 2-month career discovery course + coaching program to guide you to a fulfilling career without the confusion and loneliness of figuring it out on your own.

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Imagine What Life Could Be Like if You Found a Career That Reflected Who You Really Are?


Feel a sense of calm + confidence knowing where you stand.

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Feel valued and appreciated by your company and colleagues.


Make the money you deserve for the value you bring to the table.


A 2-month career discovery course + coaching program to guide you to an inspiring and fulfilling career without the hassle, confusion and loneliness of figuring it out on your own.

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1:1 Coaching Program

About Transitioners Premium

We created this program in response to our clients who wanted more 1:1 support.

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Transitioners Premium

Your Journey With Us

We want to make sure each client is a great fit for our program and our community. Follow the journey below to see if we are the right fit for your needs.

What our clients are saying...

Tamaisha was feeling stagnant and unfulfilled in her career and knew she wanted a change. She took the Soul Career course, and landed a new job as Executive Director of a nonprofit just 3 weeks after the course ended. She shares her story below.
Toni wanted to make her current career her Soul Career. But after taking our course, she started attracting opportunities that she couldn’t ignore, and ended up accepting an offer at MasterCard that integrated her many interests in personal finance, creativity, and strategy.
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“If you want to find the tools to figure out what you want to do, and how to find your Soul Career, then this is definitely the place.” 

When we think about careers we usually think of it as something we should chase. In Soul Career you get the ability to really slow down and assess what you want.  

“It’s easy to get caught up with the situations and the overwhelming time we’re in. I’ve learned to stay positive and stay occupied.”

Soul Career was definitely worth it. It took me on a journey of  self-reflection in the beginning. And then introduced job search tools at the end. I learned about myself and what I need to do to get the job that I want.”

“The Soul Career course taught me that I need to make sure that I was super invested in my first 90 days at my job”

We invest in a lot of things like clothing, trips, travelling and gym memberships. Why not invest in something that’s going to propel you and your professional career to places you couldn’t even dream of.”

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“Before Soul Career I assumed that jobs were not meant to be enjoyed. I thought jobs were just something that you had to do to pay the bills. But coming out of this program, I recognize that you can find something that actually suits you.”