Soul Career
for Transitioners

Course Description

Soul Career for Transitioners is a 6-week online course, providing daily step-by-step video guides for discovering and landing your dream career. In this course you’ll get:

  • An 84-page workbook chock-full with tools, tips and frameworks
  • Weekly group coaching calls to answer any questions you may have
  • Unlimited group messaging and email support whenever you need it
  • A Facebook community to celebrate your progress with your peers
  • A library of stories from people who’ve used our system to get great results

Course Content

Detailed weekly breakdown

Week 1: Discover who you are and what you really want from your career

Week 2: Shift from chasing to an attraction mindset

Week 3: Build your network and start your search

Week 4: Create all the tools you’ll need (resume, interviewing, etc)

Week 5: Create an action plan and start taking action

Week 6: Negotiate for what you want

What our clients are saying...

Tamaisha was feeling stagnant and unfulfilled in her career and knew she wanted a change. She took the Soul Career course, and landed a new job as Executive Director of a nonprofit just 3 weeks after the course ended. She shares her story below.
Toni wanted to make her current career her Soul Career. But after taking our course, she started attracting opportunities that she couldn’t ignore, and ended up accepting an offer at MasterCard that integrated her many interests in personal finance, creativity, and strategy.

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